Romantic gestures for him to make him smile

Smile – a very little gesture, which can mean so much for us. Some researches even show that it can heal. Maybe. But one thing we know exactly – we feel better when we’re smiling. How often does your boyfriend smile? Let’s hope that the biggest amount of times is when you are near. If not, here are a few romantic gestures for him to make him smile.

Smile at him

It is one of the smallest gestures for him. Just look at him and give him a smile. You can do it every time he looks at you or when he is busy, as well.

Give him a compliment

Yes, a compliment. Did you think that only girls need compliments? Boys like them even more, maybe, because they get them less often. Anyway, it will be so sweet gesture he will appreciate.

Hug him for no reason

We’ve got used to reasons to do something. Birthdays are for presents, St. Valentine’s Day is for saying “I love you,” World Women’s Day is for giving flowers. Good things give more happiness when they are unexpected. So stand up and make this cute gesture for your boyfriend.

Send him a joke

We’re using our phones nonstop. We chat with friends, talk with our relatives. So why don’t you just send him a nice meme? It’s an excellent way to remind him how important he is for you, and it will help him relieve stress.

Take a photo

Choose the best of your pictures or gallery, print it, and put it in the frame. It’s one of the sweetest gestures for your boyfriend. Plus, he’ll always have you close at hand, and the memories of a nice moment will make him smile.

Show interest in his hobbies

Love is not only hugs and kisses. It’s also time spent together. Ask him what he likes doing and do this together. This unique gesture not only will make him smile but will show that you’re really interested in him.

Dress up for him

Men love with their eyes as well. Chose the dress of his favorite color, do your hair and make-up. He’ll surely fall in love with you one more time, and the smile will not leave his face.

Show your love

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings in front of people. Touch him, kiss him or hug. Make these love gestures for him, and be sure he’ll want to do the same for you.

Find a common activity

Find the activity to do together. Start attending dance classes together, find a book to read and discuss, or just walk in the evenings. It’s an excellent way to improve your relationships and get to know more about each other.

Appreciate him

Say thank you all the time when he does some good thing for you. Show him that you respect everything he does for you. Find the least reason to praise him and kiss. Who can leave such things without a smile?

Treat people the same you want them to treat you. Everything is mutual in this world, and all your actions will return to you. Making at least one of these small gestures for him shows that love does not always require money—just a good treatment and respect.


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