is a collection of imaginative, never-before-released cartoon scripts by Butler, who also worked on the classic 1960s Jay Ward "Fractured Fairy Tales" and "Aesop and Sons" animated cartoons.


A seal who can't balance? An elephant who always forgets? A green cow who walks on her front feet? These are just some of the wacky characters from the unique mind of Daws Butler, the man who voiced most of the classic Hanna-Barbera characters--Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw and Snagglepuss, to name a few. Uncle Dunkle and Donnie is a collection of imaginative, never-before-released cartoon scripts by Butler, who also worked on the classic 1960s Jay Ward "Fractured Fairy Tales" and "Aesop and Sons" animated cartoons. The book was edited, co-written and illustrated (in retro Hanna-Barbera style) by Butler protégé Joe Bevilacqua, who has also recorded an audio "cartoon" book of UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE, doing all the voices himself!

What the animation industry is saying about UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE: "It all started with Daws Butler--actor, writer, teacher--writing UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE children's stories with exquisite sophisticated humor but always resonating with gentle and subtle lessons in morality. Then came Joe Bevilacqua--also actor, writer and producer--vocally bringing to life all of the charming characters in the Daws Butler book. Reading and listening to UNCLE DUNKLE AND DONNIE is a delightful experience that you and your family can and will enjoy!" - June Foray, legendary voice actress (Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Witch Hazel, Granny)

"Any cartoon fan can recognize Daws Butler's multitude of voices, but few know of his writing. Butler, a purveyor of witty wordplay and twisty tales, will surprise and amuse readers. These stories now come to life as told by the hilarious Joe Bevilacqua, man of 97 voices!" - Linda Simensky (Senior Director of Programming for PBS Kids)

The official biography of the voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and all things Hanna-Barbera.

by Ben Ohmart
& Joe Bevilacqua

Forward by
Nancy Cartwright
(the voice of Bart Simpson)

Ben Ohmart has written books on voice actors Paul Frees and Walter Tetley, as well as biographies of Don Ameche, The Bickersons, Disney composer Buddy Baker, playwright Tim Kelly, and others. He runs BearManor Media, a small publishing company specializing in books on old radio and old film actors. BM's current and upcoming titles include biographies on The Ritz Brothers, Agnes Moorehead, Verna Felton, Guy Williams, Peggy Ann Garner, Ted Lewis, and many more. Joe Bevilacqua first wrote Daws Butler when he was 16 years old in 1975. Soon after, Daws appointed himself Joe's personal mentor and thus began a whirlwind 13-year apprenticeship. Bevilacqua has gone on to become is a veteran award-winning voice actor, radio producer, dramatist, humorist and documentarian. His credits include such documentaries as From Moonshine to Armadillos: the Birth of the Austin Music Scene (2003), One Song at a Time: Tales from the Kerrville Folk Festival (2000) and We Take You Now to Grover's Mill: The 50th Anniversary of the War of the Worlds Broadcast (1988). His documentary Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy of a First Lady (2001) was heard in nearly 200 public radio stations and was a finalist for best documentary at the 2001 New York Festivals competition. He is a frequent contributor to National Public Radio, and, in 2004, was awarded a Silver Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters for his personal essay A Guy Named Joe Bevilacqua

"Is there any question the name Daws is plural? No single human being could have created so many amusingly convincing voices as did the talented, singularly plural Daws Butler For Daws, the term 'genius' must perforce be exponentially multiplied: voices times voices times voices, and so on. I am flattered and honored that he based Fibber Fox on me."
-Shelley Berman
Actor ("Curb Your Enthusiasm'), Standup Comedy Pioneer and Founding Member of Chicago's "Second City"


"Scenes For Actors and Voices" by Daws Butler
Edited by
Ben Ohmart
& Joe Bevilacqua
Forward by Corey Burton

This is Daws's book of scenes, exercises and advice for voice actors, written for those who are now tops in the profession. Among his many successful students are Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) and Corey Burton (from Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind to Disney's Treasure Planet).

Do you want to be a voice actor? Gosh, don't we all? If you do, Scenes for Actors and Voices by Daws Butler, edited by Ben Ohmart and Joe Bevilacqua, with a foreword by voice virtuoso Corey Burton is for you. The late Daws Butler, as if anyone needs to be reminded of his genius, did the voices of such cartoon characters as Yogi Bear, Elroy Jetson, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, and hundreds of others. This text is purely a "book of scenes, exercises and advice for voice actors," written by Daws, here published for the first time. A giant in his field, Butler ran a voice-acting workshop for years utilizing the methods contained in this book. All you aspiring characters order from BearManor Media. --Classic Images



What was a typical Daws Butler acting workshop like?
Read this excerpt from Corey Burton's foreword to the book
"Scenes For Actors and Voices" by Daws Butler
Daws poetry




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